Viña Maipo

For centuries, the people of Maipo have witnessed the miraculous protection of their vineyards. Every year the villagers gather in the Church of Maipo to pray for the care of their land. Viña Maipo wants each of its wines to carry the passion that the townspeople of Maipo have for their land. It is that spirit that inspires the legend on the label of each bottle of wine.

Vinos de Origen

Wines made with grapes from the best vines of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Quinta de Maipo vineyard, in the Maipo Valley. A terroir with an exceptional climate and three different types of soil.

Gran Devoción

Super premium red assemblages. It is a distinctive line of wines whose backbone is the Syrah.


Reserve line inspired by light coming through the stained-glass windows of the town church of Maipo. Balanced wines that show the typicality of each variety and are a true reflection of their origin.

Mi Pueblo

Fresh, easy to drink wines with great fruit expression. Ideal to enjoy every day.

Classic Series

Fresh wines, easy to drink and with great fruit expression. Ideal to enjoy day by day.

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