Frontera celebrates the diversity of delicious, and is crafted to simply enjoy. These New-World style wines are plain easy to love and hail from Chile, the perfect place for winemaking. Frontera is made for all kinds of people and tasty moments.

Frontera After Dark

From dinner parties to dance parties, Frontera After Dark is just right for the night. This new creation celebrates everything inspired by the night, for whatever comes up after sun goes down.


The same beloved wine in its classic packaging. Frontera wines are fruit-forward, versatile, and simply delicious! The award-winning wines strike the perfect balance between reliable quality and fantastic value. Frontera wines are ready to drink now and are perfect for everything under the sun.

Night Harvested Wines

Harvested at night, each grape is picked in the cool of the night when temperatures are low and preserve bold flavours and aromas. The results are succulent wines bursting with flavours of fresh fruit with a lively character.

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